7258 Wealth Management has partnered with Charles Schwab, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), Parametric and Vanguard for the management of a significant portion of our clients’ assets.


DFA and Vanguard’s track record, low-fees, thoughtful tax approach, and low turnover are perfect complements to our desire for enduring philosophies that benefit our clients.  DFA’s evidence-based approach lines up perfectly with 7258’s academic foundation.  Charles Schwab’s Exchange Traded Funds provide cost effective vehicles to achieve our desired exposure to select asset classes. Vanguard’s unique ownership structure is perfectly aligned with 7258’s “Client first, no conflict” mindset. 

Our partnership with Parametric give 7258 the ability to offer Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) that benefit our clients in a number of ways. Parametric and 7258 can:

  • Create custom, index-like portfolios which actively harvest tax losses
  • Diversify concentrated single-stock exposure in a thoughtful, tax-efficient manner
  • Offer a Socially Responsible Indexing/ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) solution that is tailored to our client’s desires

The SMA structure allows Parametric to customize each portfolio, actively harvest losses and defer capital gains; this combination can add a considerable amount of “tax alpha” without introducing undue risk. Parametric is the perfect complement to 7258’s focus on maximizing after-tax, after fee returns.

We will stay open-minded and will scrutinize other passive approaches, active managers and alternative investments.