7258 Redefining Investment Advice Luncheon

On May 17th, 55 guests attended the 7258 Wealth Management “Redefining Investment Advice” Luncheon at Guard and Grace in Denver.  The luncheon featured Apollo D. Lupescu, PhD from Dimensional Funds.  Dr. Lupescu addressed the evolution of the markets from primarily being driven by trading on behalf of individuals to trading being dominated by institutional investors.  These institutions are filled with sophisticated, experienced teams making it very difficult for any of them to have a long-term competitive advantage. He presented a compelling case that this change in market dynamics makes it very difficult for high-turnover, high-cost strategies to succeed. While Wall Street has led investors to believe investment success is about picking the right stocks and bonds (or hiring managers to do this for you), Dr Lupescu made the case that long-term success is about investing in markets and not individual companies.

Eric Holt