Interviewing Your Next Advisor

I just celebrated my 18th year in financial services. Over that time, I have talked to thousands of prospects, clients, and professionals. Clients change financial advisors for many reasons including a loss of confidence, unsatisfactory investment performance, dissatisfaction with service, poor communication, and unexpected surprises. I have seen a lot of really good things in my career and too many things that make my blood boil. Some clients could have saved themselves a tremendous amount of pain (and money) by asking more questions when they were talking to their former advisor.

The questions I pose are (mostly) objective; they will help guide you through the process of assessing the advisor’s credibility – do not assume the person sitting across the table from you is qualified and has your best interests at heart.

As I near my 20th year in the business, here are some questions that you should be asking your prospective financial advisor – these apply to wealth managers, financial planners, and insurance agents.

10 Questions to Ask

Eric Holt